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Together we build a program you relate to

My goal as your trainer and coach is to provide you with the education, skills and confidence to grow beyond what you believe is possible toward your uninhibited movement dreams. 


Postural Stability

When people say 'good posture' what we really mean is 'stable posture'. Over time, our posture can destabilize if we continuously bend our bodies to stressful environments which can cause pain and affect our ability to move consistently with confidence. With stable posture, we can hold ourselves up with muscles that work together to evenly engage responsively, and relax to allow for rest and recovery.

Consistent Movement Patterns

Starting from our current range of motion and instinctive movement patterns, we identify our strengths and inconsistencies. From here, we design a plan for improved motor control and coordination to develop consistent and intentional movement patterns. Learning to adapt these patterns into our daily lives allows us to be active without injury or burn out and grow beyond perceived limitations. Embodying consistent and intentional movement patterns by developing  motor coordination is fundamental for progress and longevity.

Harmonizing Breathing

Strength, stamina, focus, coordination, power, balance - these foundational skills are grounded in connecting breath to movement. Breathing is the most basic human need. On average, we breathe in and out approximately 22,000 times each day. Learning to associate how we breathe with our ability to present our internal self through our external expressions is the essence of embodiment.


Fun and Collaborative

Based on your interests and unique goals, we work collaboratively to create a program you have fun with and also feel rewarded by in your every day life outside of training. Personal training supports you to feel better in your every day life. Building on how you feel drawn to move in your life already, the program we create together is based on what is relevant to you.

Growing Baseline Capacity

From the beginning, we will break down exactly where you're at and where you want to be. From here we will consistently think forward toward your goals while steadily expanding your range of movements and energy.

Expanding Perceived Limits

Through compassionate coaching, technical guidance and strategic exercise progressions, we will expand what you believe is possible for yourself



1-on-1 Technical Instruction

Whether you are traveling, on vacation or within city limits, both in-person and virtual sessions are available to you.

On-Going Coaching Support

Through online messaging, keep in touch throughout the week to ask clarifying questions, check-in for emotional or technical support, or help with program accountability.

Strategic Program Design

Results and science-based programs are custom made and accessible through a training app. Each workout will be assigned to particular days of the week in your personal calendar. Together we plan ahead week by week, month-to-month following seasonal training goals while also moving toward long-term goals.

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