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I came to Kian to create a fitness plan in preparation for my first ½ marathon. When I signed up for the ½ marathon, I had fairly low expectations for myself. I just wanted to finish the race intact. 


Kian immediately took a holistic approach to this goal by providing a thorough postural and lifestyle assessment. I work long hours at a busy, high-stress desk job. When I came to Kian, I had little to no awareness of my posture. Through this initial assessment, I now understand how my posture is impacting the rest of my body when stationary, and while in motion. He allowed me to understand the mechanics of my form through excellent communication, and through example. 


I am really excited to be working with Kian. He has a great demeanour and is an active listener, and the development of my training plan has felt like a true collaboration. Kian has taken my lifestyle, time constraints, personal reflections and barriers to fitness into consideration. This has resulted in a plan that I feel motivated to stick to. I feel supported to approach my goals from where I am at, without judgment. 


Kian has encouraged me to raise the bar for myself. After working with Kian to create my plan, I feel confident that I can not only finish the race but can safely increase my tempo to have a competitive finish time. I now have a custom workout plan to improve my postural alignment and running form to make sure that I surpass my goal strong and without injury.

Frontline Worker
Vancouver, BC


Movement that FEELS GOOD

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